Launch of the Fiji Memory of the World National Register 13/04/10

Fiji penned a new chapter into Archives history when it launched its National Register for UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme on 13 April, 2010. The launch marked a milestone for Fiji in the recognition of Fiji’s documentary heritage.

The register contains two inscriptions. The first is the Deed of Cession; Fiji’s founding documents and the second are records pertaining to the Indian Indentured Labour system. The records are kept in the National Archives of Fiji.  The programme under the UNESCO banner is an international initiative for the safeguarding of documentary heritage.

Chief Guest at the special occasion was CEO for Caines Group of Companies Mr Ikbal Jannif. Speaking to guests, Mr. Jannif shared his views on the importance of preserving records in any form and format.

“We in the Pacific have a rich heritage, some have been lost and have not been told so it is important that we maintain our heritage in forms that we can use and reuse in the future.”

He added that it was important to highlight just which records would prove useful in the future generation

“We need to rope in people and organizations that matter and collectively we can all strive to that common goal.

“The dilemma we have today is that with these digital technology, not many people print images and store them, how then do we determine what is important to us, if we don’t maintain them in some reusable format.”

“I applaud the initiative by UNESCO in developing a foundation for the protection and preservation of documentary heritage in the world.”

The occasion was witnessed by representatives of Cultural Institutions, the University of the South Pacific, FMoW committee members, staff of the Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Service of Fiji and the Department of Culture.

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