Community Outreach - Rotuma

 As part of a move to create more awareness on the National Archives and its functions, the Ministry’s Community Outreach Programme has proven to be a useful tool in achieving this.

To date the department has participated in three major outreach programes in Navosa, Lautoka, with the latest being Rotuma. Acting Assistant Archivist Taito Raione, who led the two-member team, said the response has been good from the community and from the council of chiefs.

“We have visited four primary schools and Rotuma High School distributing our brochures and booklets and talking to the students about the Archives”

“We had to brief the Rotuma Council on our visit and they have responded well”

The visit has generated an interest from the chiefs in the improvement of recordkeeping in the Council office.

“They are requesting that the council office be visited to identify what is needed to boost their recordkeeping methods.

Apart from the community outreach the team is also on the island to follow-up on a Records Survey that was conducted on the Government Departments in August 2009. The next Outreach Programme is scheduled for Levuka.

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