Records Management Workshop in Taveuni

A key target for the National Archives of Fiji for 2010 is to facilitate Records Management Training for government departments.

Through a joint partnership with the Public Service Commission’ Centre for Training & Development (CTD), the Department has so far conducted four such trainings on proper records keeping and management in Lautoka, Labasa, Suva and Taveuni.

The Acting Government Archivist, Mrs Salesia. N. Ikaniwai has been conducting these workshops with Senior Training Officers from CTD.

“Our key target for 2010 is to conduct four (4) records management workshops for civil servants throughout Fiji. We have achieved this and have also been approached by PSC and another government ministry to run another two workshops of similar nature before the end of this year”, expressed Mrs Ikaniwai.

“ We need to get as many civil servants to these training workshops as possible, they need to know the importance of good record keeping, the dos and don’ts of records management and most importantly the consequences of poor record keeping.”Mrs Ikaniwai adds.

The last scheduled Records Management Workshop was held on Taveuni on the 27th & 28th September. There were a total of thirty seven participants to this workshop which included a Medical Officer, Heads of Departments and Assistant Head Teachers.

“The National Archives has for the past three years worked with PSC to provide training to these civil servants, our expectation lies on the fact that what each participant learns during the two days workshop will be implemented or utilised in their workplace”.

“We have seen visible changes in how records are managed in most government offices whose officers have gone through the training. This was evident when the officers of the National Archives conduct annual survey of records in government department’s registries in the West in August this year”, Mrs Ikaniwai mentioned.

“However, there are still a great number of officers in the service who need to be trained about proper records management, and that will be one of our main targets next year”.

Good record keeping is vital in any business, any organisation whether it is a public or private one. And most importantly it is essential for good governance of any country.


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