In July 2010, the National Archives of Fiji became one of the inaugural recipients for fundings under the Funds for International Development on Archives (FIDA) which operates under the International Council on Archives (ICA) banner.

The National Archives of Fiji’s application was to send an officer for a three weeks attachment on Appraisal & Disposal Scheduling at the Archives New Zealand.

Records Management in most government departments in Fiji is deemed to be very weak; a major factor to the poor structure is the lack of understanding of the vital processes that should be in place to help records managers or records officers. Records disposal is such a process that has been identified to be a major stumbling block in most government departments.

Ms Elenoa Delailakeba, the Acting Archivist was chosen to undergo the attachment in Wellington after the initial awardee for the funding, Ms Losena Tudreu was transferred on promotion to another government department.

Ms Delailakeba spent the three weeks based at the Appraisal Unit of Archives New Zealand from November 22nd to December 11th, 2010. The first week was mainly on team building, sharing of professional experiences and discussing the general overview of appraisal & disposal.

One of the highlights of her first week as described by Ms Delailakeba was attending the Archival Professional Development Course; Basic Concept. This was held over two days which also included newly appointed officers of the Archives New Zealand.

The two days Basic Concept Workshop was covered by the learned Professor Barbara Reed.

The second and third week’s placement included taking part in a Recordkeeping Forum focusing on digitisation, observing a digitization & system management process taking place in a real life

(Tax Office – Inland Revenue, Documentation Unit)

Most importantly, the Appraisal Process, Ms Delailakeba was given the opportunity to appraise the Records of the Department of Customs – Chatham Islands (1857 – 1888).

An Appraisal Report was completed after the conclusion of the appraisal process with recommendations for the retention of the records which was submitted to the Chief Archivist.

Ms Delailakeba commended the Archives New Zealand, for taking her on as a placement through which has given her the confidence to carry out appraisal or disposal process in any government department in Fiji.




[ Jan, 2011]


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