The Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Services of Fiji recently conducted a three days public outreach and awareness of its functions and services in the upper Colo North.

The outreach program was conducted from Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March, 2011 at the Nadarivatu Secondary School grounds.

Three officers of the National Archives Mr Taito Raione, Mr Timoci Balenaivalu and Mr Onisimo Volau joined the rest of the Ministry staff in this three days awareness program.

According to the Head of the National Archives team, Mr Taito Raione, there was a lot of enthusiasm from the students and the general public about the display that was set up by the Archives team. A total of 210 students and 85 members of the public visited the Archives booth during the two days display.

The contents of the display set up by the Team mainly focused on historical and land information on the Nadarivatu, Nadala and Nadrau Region. The display also included brochures and leaflets about the National Archives, its functions, collection and holdings

Apart from the display held, the Team also took part in the Talanoa Session. This part of the outreach program was to allow government officials to talk about government programs at the same time allow the people to discuss issues that are of concern to them. The two nightly sessions were headed by the Commissioner Western, Mr Joeli Cawaki at the Nadala Community Hall and the District Officer Nadarivatu at the Nadrau Village Hall.

The program in Nadarivatu was also an opportunity for the Archives Team to conduct a records survey at the government station in Nadarivatu.

There are currently five government departments in Nadarivatu.

The Team are adamant that the next outreach program will be far better than the last one.




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