The Ministry of Information, National Archives & Library Services of Fiji has for the past few months taken a vigorous step towards creating awareness of its key responsibilities and roles by taking to the grass root public the information and services it provides.

From 23 – 27th May, 2011 Mr Taito Raione, Senior Conservator, Mr Timoci Balenaivalu, Senior Cameraman and Mr Onisimo Volau, Archives Assistant accompanied the staff from the other departments within the Ministry to the former capital of Fiji.

This outreach program in Levuka was the second of such a program scheduled for the Ministry. The first one was in the central highlands of Viti Levu, covering the Savatu & Nadrau district in March.

This opportunity to show case to the people of Levuka especially in the villages of Vuma, Natokalau, Lovoni and Rukuruku the services offered by the National Archives and the different kinds of information kept at the Archives was received with great anticipation from both the young and the old. Apart from setting up  displays and exhibitions for school children at the various school grounds, distributing brochures & pamphlets, the officers also took part in the “talanoa sessions” that was held at the village community hall.

These nightly talanoa sessions were facilitated to provide the village elders with more elaborations on the services of the departments under the Ministry and also to create awareness of programs implemented by government.

This was also an activity that included other government officials on the Island such as the PA Lomaiviti and other government officials to talk with the people of the villages first hand.



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