Records Management Workshop In The North


The National Archives facilitated in a Records Management Workshop that was held at the Ministry of Heath Divisional Training Centre in Labasa.

The Workshop was held on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th July for civil servants in the Northern Division that were responsible for creating records and maintaining such records in their respective departments.

The two days workshop was conducted in partnership with the Public Service Commission’s Training Division. The main objective of this Workshop is to provide abetter understanding of how records need to

be managed in government departments, to ensure that the participants are aware of the general concept of records management and the processes involved under the legislative requirements of the Public Records Act and the current National Records Management Policy.

For most of the participants, their expectations for the Workshops were to learn more about Records Management and to take back some of the skills and knowledge acquired and implement this in their respective workplaces.

There were forty one participants from government departments in Labasa and Savusavu that attended the two days workshop. According to the Workshop Co-ordinator, Mr Joe Fuata of the PSC Training Division this was one of the highest recorded number for Records Management for 2011.

The Records Management Workshop was facilitated by Ms Salesia.N.Ikaniwai and Mr Xavier Fesaitu of the National Archives of Fiji.







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